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Peter Leonard

Our most senior Practitioner, Peter has helped countless clients the world over – from Wall Street to Hollywood, from London to War-torn Burundi in Central Africa. Wherever you are in the world, Peter will work with you personally whenever he’s available.

Rex Northen

Rex is our senior Consulting Practitioner, dedicated to ensuring that every client receives the best possible customized program.

Seymour Segnit

Seymour, our founder and president, is both board-certified in the techniques we use to help you change, and teaches at workshops and seminars across North America.

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  1. Confidently Speaking™ is considered one of the world's leading authorities on how to get over Fear of Public Speaking quickly, painlessly and permanently.

  2. Take a few minutes to read about how we can help, then contact us however you feel comfortable.

We have clients in over 40 countries and have helped countless thousands to overcome quickly fears they thought would be with them forever. (Read client Testimonials)

Our clients include Hall of Fame sports heroes, farmers, attorneys in Hollywood, doctors, professors, CEO’s sales executives, psychologists, teachers, top celebrities and executives, students, volunteers and retirees.

If you have Fear of Public Speaking, and are serious about overcoming it, you are in the right place.

Take a few minutes to read about what we do, then get in touch with us however you feel comfortable.

The Confidently Speaking™ Story

Confidently Speaking™ was founded in New York in 2002.

Our Founder Seymour Segnit (himself a former nervous speaker See him now ) realized there was very little quality help available for people who are serious about overcoming serious fear.

Initially we set up an office on Central Park West to see clients in person.

But a funny thing happened. Our first client was a woman from New York who visited the office. The second was an executive who called from Saudi Arabia and insisted on working with us by phone. The third was a well-known artist in Los Angeles, who again wanted to work by phone.

A few weeks passed and our friend in Los Angeles wrote to us:

  1. "Hope this note finds you well. Just wanted to tell you, that four public speaking engagements later, I have realized that I have gone through a total transformation...

  2. I´m telling you all this because I´m convinced that before working with you, I would not have had the confidence to trust myself enough to stand up as an authority and do this work.

  3. Your process works, and I will not hesitate to advice anyone with public speaking issues to contact you!"

And so Confidently Speaking™ was born.

We're still in New York state, but now in California and the Gold Coast of Australia as well, and we work exclusively by telephone with clients all over the world.

If you are now ready to overcome Fear of Speaking forever, we believe you will not find a better, more successful team.

To discover if this is the perfect program for you, fill in the form to the top left of this page,

or call 888-543-3802 (+1-902-701-2413 from overseas) today.

Read more about our complimentary consultation.

Rosa Mercedes

‘Meche’ is our customer service queen and company administrator.

“I wasn't just over my fear of speaking, I was enthusiastic and full of ideas about how to make it a really great speech … Now I feel like this about Public Speaking all the time.”

(Shelley Taylor-Smith - New York, USA, 7 time World Marathon Swimming Champion)

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Shelley Lucas

Client relations and advisor. Shelley isn’t a practitioner herself, but she’s our most experienced advisor. Talk with her to determine your best course of action.

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