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How Will This Program Make Me Feel?

Imagine yourself in front of a group just a couple of weeks from now, feeling relaxed and confident, talking easily, calmly, cogently.

The truth is that everyone is capable of speaking confidently, and we know from countless clients that it doesn’t matter how bad the fear is at the outset, speaking confidently is possible for everyone who works with Confidently Speaking.

What experience have others had?

Many of our clients have allowed us to reproduce their comments on the program. Click here to read client experiences in their own words.

Confidentiality is paramount, so there are plenty of exciting successes we can't tell you about here.

Please call us on +1 650 249 5118 and we'll be delighted to explain how and why the program works so effectively, and (while respecting the confidentiality of our clients) tell you some of the stories we can't share on this website.

Who Uses Confidently Speaking™?

Many thousands have succeeded over the years with this program, including:

  1. Senior Executives and CEOs of companies with household names

  2. Lawyers who were daunted by talking to a room

  3. Students who were anxious about presenting in class

  4. Stay at home moms who wanted to speak in church or to a volunteer group

Who Are You?

We are a small, dedicated, highly experienced team. You can read more about us on the About Us page

What will it feel like to work with you?

Your Consultant will coach you, individually, up to and beyond your next presentation, in a method categorically proven to help you eliminate the fear of public speaking.

The coaching process is by telephone, in the privacy and comfort of your own home. You will work with us in complete confidence. We charge a one-time fee of $2,497 for the entire program with your individually assigned Practitioner, and we guarantee to keep working with you for as long as it takes. It seldom takes longer than a few weeks, and most of our clients learn to love to speak within about ten days.

Can I trust you?

Thousands of individuals in over 70 countries and many of the Fortune 500 companies trust us. But truthfully, trust is kind of difficult to build on a website. You’ll know when you talk with us whether you get the feeling you want to work with us.

How will this help me strengthen relationships?

It may seem surprising at first, but overcoming a fear of speaking has effects that are often more widespread.

Being more comfortable talking to a group of people often leaves people as better one-on-one communicators – the key to strong relationships of any kind.

Complete Program: $2,497

  1. Fixed Fee

  2. We work with you until you are satisfied

  3. Lifetime Guarantee you can call us for further help any time

To discuss how you can overcome the fear completely and feel a sense of confidence whenever you speak:

Complete the form to the top left or call 888 669 2426 or +1 650 249 5118 from outside North America.

“It was absolutely phenomenal. The day of my presentation I was calm, I wasn’t nervous ...”

(Z.K. - Financial Analyst -
Mount Airy, MD, USA)

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The Changes You Will Experience

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The Confidently Speaking Executive Program™

  1. Fixed Fee:  $2,497

  2. Permanently Guaranteed

  3. We’ll work with you until you love to speak

Home   |   Understanding Fear of Public Speaking   |   How to Overcome It   |   Testimonials   |   In the Press   |   Customer Service   |   About Us   |   Contact Us

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