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“I can't explain it, I seem to now look forward to an event.”

(S.B. - Hotel Owner -
Anaheim, CA, USA)

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Executive Summary

Premium Service
The Confidently Speaking Executive Program™ is designed for busy people who demand complete and rapid results. The system uses techniques originally developed at the University of California that enable very rapid change.

Rapid Guaranteed Results
Most clients overcome the fear in a few short hours. Our guarantee is we’ll work with you for as long as it takes.

Designed to Meet Your Objective
Together with your consultant you will set
precise goals for the outcome you need, and the program will be tailored precisely to you.

Competitive Advantage: Time

Time. You have little to spare, but you have to overcome this fear. The key advantage of this program is speed. Even if you have a few hours before you have to speak, we can help.

No ‘Facing Your Fear’
You get rid of the fear before you speak, not during.

Why Confidently Speaking™ is Superior
In a word: Results

Fear of Public Speaking is a career-critical problem, that typically costs an individual tens of thousands of dollars a year in lost income. For their employer it can cost many times that.

At Confidently Speaking™ we know our business. We work with senior executives of many of the Fortune 500’s most admired corporations, athletes from the finest teams, politicians, opera singers, students and many a nervous best man.

And we’ve never met a case of this fear that couldn’t be overcome.

How you will Benefit
The primary goal, of course, is the elimination of fear and replacing it with total confidence.

But the benefits are far more wide-ranging:

  1. Better Pay & Promotions for Confident Speakers

  2. Better Assignments

  3. Greater Social Confidence

  4. Easier relationships at home and work

How? Because Fear of Public Speaking is usually the tip of the iceberg, and the techniques you will use inevitably have a much more far-reaching effect than just eliminating stage fright.

Complete Program: $2,497

  1. Fixed Fee

  2. We work with you until you are satisfied

  3. Lifetime Guarantee you can call us for further help any time

Complete the form to the left or call 888 669 2426 (or +1 650 249 5118 from outside North America) to discuss how you can overcome the fear quickly and efficiently.

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The Confidently Speaking Executive Program™

  1. Fixed Fee:  $2,497

  2. Permanently Guaranteed

  3. We’ll work with you until you love to speak

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