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“A 360 degree turn around at the next speaking engagement”

(Rokeia S - Ad Sales Exec - Atlanta, GA, USA)

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Feel Confident Fast

How Quickly Will I Feel Different?
You’ll know things are changing in your first session. Clients report feeling lighter, more optimistic and far more relaxed about speaking almost immediately.

What’s Better About this Program?
The Confidently Speaking program is faster than most others, and its based on a deep understanding of the problem. A strong fear doesn’t need to be ‘faced’.

Instead we’ll work with you to find out exactly ‘how’ you are creating the fear – then quickly change the patterns of thinking that are causing it.

Is it Customized to Me?
Every program is
customized to the individuals circumstances, needs and experiences.

What are my choices?

Its best to call us to discuss this, but in short we can help you:

  1. Overcome Fear of Speaking. Fast.

  2. Prepare an Awesome Presentation. (Can take a few days if you need help with PowerPoint etc)

  3. Coach you on your delivery. With some unique coaching we can help you massively improve your delivery in a few hours.

How soon can I be over the fear?
If you are truly committed you can be over it very quickly indeed. Your mind can learn new patterns at dazzling speed. Our quickest client took just 15 minutes (seriously - Pat is with JP Morgan Chase in New York), but almost everyone is ‘done’ with a few hours of intensive concentrated work.

How Else will this affect my life?
You may be surprised. We once worked with a woman in Manhattan. She was very skeptical but eventually chose to go ahead and commit to this program.

At the start of the second session, she announced that although she felt she still had some work to do on her public speaking, she had begun dating again for the first time in 3 years!

Clients often report that other areas of their lives are significantly improved when they release the underlying causes of fear of public speaking.

Proof of Effectiveness
We believe there’s only one proof that matters: the results our clients get.

Our reputation is such that many top companies and public figures come to us for help. Most, understandably, prefer privacy.

But some have been kind enough to tell their stories:

Read & See the Experiences of journalists from Men’s Health, NBC and CN8 - The Comcast Network.

Read Client Testimonials (you may want to print it out, there’s a lot of them).

Complete Program: $2,497

  1. Fixed Fee

  2. We work with you until you are satisfied

  3. Lifetime Guarantee you can call us for further help any time

To discuss how you can overcome the fear quickly and feel a sense of confidence whenever you speak:

Complete the form to the left or call 888 669 2426 or
+1 650 249 5118 from outside North America.

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The Confidently Speaking Executive Program™

  1. Fixed Fee:  $2,497

  2. Permanently Guaranteed

  3. We’ll work with you until you love to speak

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