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We Guarantee Your Success

The bottom line is this:

Provided you are doing your bit, we guarantee:

  1. To work with you, for a single fixed fee, for as long as it takes for you to overcome the fear of public speaking.

  2. We can do this, because we know that when you carry out your Practitioner’s instructions to the letter and commit to the program with full enthusiasm will get results rapidly, and will be able to speak calmly and confidently in public. Almost all clients qualify for this standard fixed program fee, but in rare cases we reserve the right to charge a higher rate or a monthly fee.

  3. To help you at any time in the future should you need additional help with a particular speaking engagement. We call this a Lifetime Guarantee.

Anyone can overcome Fear of Public Speaking, and we have never found a case that couldn’t be beat.

That said, please remember that it requires your total commitment to your own success. We will ask you to let us know how you are progressing on a daily basis, and we will guide you through making the changes: only you can make them.

The Small Print (written large)

We aren't aware of any similar organization that guarantees you will be successful when you book with us. We are able to do so because we are absolutely dedicated to the success of those who choose to work with us. We set a very high standard for ourselves, and for our clients; as a result, our success rate is close to 100%.

The principal condition of our guarantee is that you commit to and complete the process. It's fast and enjoyable, so making that commitment is easy.

That said, we're tough about enforcing the requirement that you complete everything your Practitioner outlines for you.

Everything you will be asked to do will be straightforward; it just needs doing, with commitment. After all, you are the only person who can make changes in yourself - so if you aren't fully engaged there is very little we can do about it, and we can't guarantee your success.

Initially we will discuss your circumstances, history and goal to ensure that we understand the outcome you desire. No charge is made for this preliminary discussion. We will then send you a questionnaire to complete prior to starting the program.

Should you not achieve your desired result in the estimated time, provided you continue to complete the homework and other obligations to which you agree, we will continue to work with you at no additional fee until you complete the process and attain the outcome we have agreed.

Once you have made the decision to work with us we will ask you to engage in the process actively, and to demonstrate your complete commitment. We ask you to return the booking paperwork to us on time and to attend the agreed sessions; you will also be required to complete the exercises your Practitioner will set, and to fine tune those exercises as required.

You must stay in touch with us throughout the process, and send us a brief daily record of your progress.

Guaranteed Results

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