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We’d like to thank all of our clients who have allowed us to reproduce their comments about the program in their own words.

As you'll see, most people conquer their fear completely. Some conquer the fear and continue with a few butterflies.

Our promise to you is that we'll take you as far as you wish - if your goal is to overcome the fear 100%, we'll keep working with you until you do.

We suggest you print out this page and read it in full if you are serious about overcoming a fear of public speaking.

“There is no question that I have changed. I see everything differently now.”

I gave a speech yesterday. I was nervous with the typical 'butterflies' in the stomach before and during. But this time, I was in control for the first time in my life. My thoughts weren't scrambled. My voice was clear and controlled. My hands didn't shake. I was running the show the whole way!

Sure, there was room for improvement, but without question I have moved to new level. The group that I spoke to commented that they could not tell I had any nervousness at all. Wow!!

My day to day dealing with people are also at a new level without question. I have a calmness 'inside' now -without question. I am in control. - I always was - but now I know it.

I have adopted your idea of 'There is a good reason for every occurrence, regardless or what it may be,' and that everything that happens in my life is only information - neutral if you will; it is up to me to attach value, good or bad: I decide.

There is no question that I have changed. I see everything differently now.

D B - Liberty Lake, WA, USA

“It was absolutely phenomenal. The day of my presentation I was calm, I wasn’t nervous ...”

My fear of public speaking is so big, or was so huge that I would get nervous even when I watched a standup comedian sometimes on television, or if I was at an event at a conference when, even if I knew that I would never speak there I would get completely nervous and shaky when other people were speaking to me.

So I have lived my life in that fear. I managed to take a role in a Fortune 5 company as a financial analyst, which you know I get to work at home, I don’t interact with people at all.

Just so happened that all of a sudden I get an e-mail saying that I was going to have to present you know, the financial aspect of the job to about 50 people and I just looked at the e-mail and my heart started pounding and my hands got shaky and sweaty and nervous. I completely started freaking out.

It was absolutely phenomenal. The day of my presentation I was calm, I wasn’t nervous. I was very confident.

In fact at the end of the entire two day meeting we had to vote on whose was the best presentation and surprisingly enough it was mine.

Phenomenal, just knowing that I can do that opened up the doors for me know and I think I will have to do it over and over and over again. Build up positive reinforcement. Kudos to Seymour and it is great stuff, great, great, great stuff.

And if anyone is considering this program I would definitely recommend it. Thank you very much.

Z.K. - Financial Analyst - Mount Airy, MD, USA

“One Session... the problem was gone!”

Public Speaking is a key part of my work, but for some reason I was stuck. With just days to go before an important presentation to top decision makers in the pharmaceutical industry I was completely lost and extremely nervous.

One session ... and the problem was gone. I wasn't just over my fear of speaking, I was enthusiastic and full of ideas about how to make it a really great speech - which it was. Now I feel like this about Public Speaking all the time.

It's incalculable what this kind of therapy is worth... I can only say many - many - times the investment.

Shelley Taylor-Smith - New York, USA

- 7 time World Marathon Swimming Champion (1988-1995)

- 5 time World Champion of New York's Manhattan Island 48km Marathon Swim

- Author of International Bestseller, 'Dangerous When Wet'

Musician's performance anxiety - Gone

Virtually all my life I had been terrified of appearing in public. Over the last few years I have taken up playing a musical instrument - the harp - and my playing reached the point where I was invited to perform locally in front of several hundred people. What should have been a great feeling of pride was replaced by horror and cold sweats at the thought of appearing in public.

Several weeks before the event I worked with Confidently Speaking, and was able not only to undertake the performance, but to really enjoy it, concentrating on and taking pride in my performance instead of sweating and shaking for days beforehand.

I know the problem has gone because on the day I simply wasn't nervous even though everything conspired to try and make me so (harsh lighting of the sort of lighting that you expect in a train station, a stage only 3 feet deep, a packed audience which had standing room only and was spilling out into the entrance, the fact that I knew 80% of those there, and even the ones that I didn't know knew me, and finally that my part was in the second half - so there would have been plenty of time for the nerves to build!)

I'm not sure what I did, or how it worked, but the out of control nervousness was gone. Miraculously, my sense of control and well being remained with me, where in the past it used to evaporate into a debilitating bundle of nervousness.

No longer the inexplicable shaking, palpitations, forgetting the music and the most dreadful unforced errors. At last I am now able to give a performance true to my ability.

In just a few minutes, the technique you used instantly enabled me to overcome a problem that I have had for virtually all of my life.

Martyn Wheeler - Certified Public Accountant - Castle Douglas, Scotland

“A 360 degree turn around at the next speaking engagement”

I really want to say how grateful I am for Peter and for Seymour Segnit for walking me through the origin of my problems and how I can combat it ... They simplified everything and I realized from that day on that it was just that, it was simple, and it was I who controlled everything in my life.

I wanted to try to dissect that even further so I leaned on my spirituality and just read passages in the Bible that focused on how we visualize getting over our problems. I just felt like I wasn’t good enough and that would lead to anxiety whenever I had to present or deliver speeches.

I can’t say that I am completely cured, but I am much more confident. Leaps and bounds better than I was before and about 11 days after my session started with Peter I noticed a 360 degree turn around at the next speaking engagement.

I was much more confident, I was myself. No sweaty palms.

Rokeia S - Ad Sales Exec - Atlanta, GA, USA

“I did well enough so that I could move on to do a lot of radio and TV interviews for the magazine. Now I actually enjoy them.”

Peter Moore is the Editor of Men's Health magazine. The following is an extract from his Men's Health Editor's Blog:

A couple of years ago I had reason to meet with... [Confidently Speaking]. I was having a rough time with public speaking, which you have to do plenty of in my line of work, if you hope to get anywhere.

He took me through something he called 'Time Line Therapy', which posits that if you have a traumatic event buried somewhere in your past - a public failure, a rough patch of luck  -it can live on in you unless you learn to interrupt that mental connection from past trauma to present life, and move beyond it. His whole purpose is to rob the past of its power over you, to to finally deal with that thing you fear most and overcome it.

About one month after I met with the guy, I flew to London and was the a high-pressure opening act in an international conference of Men's Health foreign editions. And I did well enough so that I could move on to do a lot of radio and TV interviews for the magazine. Now I actually enjoy them.

Peter Moore - Editor, Men's Health Magazine - New York, NY, USA

“This is a great program. I would recommend it to anyone.”

This year I am a senior in high school and I am taking an English class, which might as well be a speech class because we do speeches almost every other week.

When I first heard we were going to be doing speeches I was just dreadfully nervous right off the bat. I have hated giving speeches every since grade school, and I really don't know why.

I mean I never really was teased or picked on by teachers or what not - I just have always had this innate fear of speaking, let alone speaking in front of big groups.

Every time I would get up to do a speech in this class my knees would start shaking, I would get all sweaty, I would start swaying back and forth and I would forget to do things like breathe. Sometimes, I would omit entire paragraphs from my speech.

But ever since doing this program its not only given me more confidence but it's allowed me to speak as if I was just speaking to a few friends, you know? Instead of trying to fire off all these words that I had memorized a few nights before. It's almost like I'm just having a conversation with the room, and that's really helped me a lot.

The speech that I did right after doing this program, right away all the kids were, and even my teacher on my grading, said "Hey, you seem a lot more confident and calm - what's your secret?" So that was pretty cool. This is a great program. I would recommend it to anyone, and good luck to anyone who does use it. Thanks.

Ryan Ziebro - Student - Grayslake, IL, USA

“I can't explain it, I seem to now look forward to an event”

I don't know how your system works but it seemed to make me much more confident and sincere in my speaking abilities.

I had three occasions after the program where I had to speak in front of 450 people which generally left me in a state of shock, but was able to produce whatever I needed to perform.

After the program... I don't know how to explain it: I no longer feel that I have those voices in the back of my head as I am speaking as if I'm maybe failing or not doing something right.

I just seem to look out to the people and connect. After the event I had so many people come up to me and tell me "Wow, you really connected with your audience, and "You are a wonderful speaker" and this and that. And I'm thinking to myself "Oh My God" ... A moment where I would have generally in the past freaked out.

I don't know, like I said, I can't explain it, I seem to now look forward to an event. Thank you very much.

S.B. - Hotel Owner - Anaheim, CA, USA

“The Most Wonderful Program ...”

This is just the most wonderful program I have come across in years.

I have been dealing with a public speaking issue and I can feel that I'm just making leaps and bounds in my progress. The program is very easy to follow along with and the sense of humor is great, I love that. It's just very fun and down to earth and easy to relate to.

This is a great program and I would recommend it to just about anybody who would be willing to overcome their anxieties and fear about things.

Corina Repp - Dental Receptionist - Littleton, Colorado, USA

“A Major Change... I Feel a WHOLE LOT Better”

My major problem was social anxiety and just speaking with groups of people. I have been doing this program for a little over a week now and it's kind of funny, I have seen a major change in just speaking with groups of people.

I am able to joke around a lot more and I'm less nervous. I'm really not nervous at all and I feel a whole lot better. Everything's pretty good so far and thank you very much for the program. I'm going to keep on using it.

D H - Multimedia Designer - Jacksonville, FL, USA

“Gave me a Lot of Confidence: 90% less stress!”

My problem was fear of public speaking; it was so bad that two weeks before I couldn’t sleep at night. That’s all I could think about. Kind of gut wrenching, made me nauseous.

It gave me a lot of confidence knowing that the issue could be resolved. I did this about a week before I had a public speaking engagement to 100+ people.

I felt pretty good about it as I did the presentation; still a little nervous about it, but was probably 90% less stress than without the program and went through it, did great and now my life is a lot better than it was.

I am not totally there yet. I am going to go through the program again until I can get that last 10% to 30% of the fear out of my system too. Thanks a lot.

C.E. - VP of IS - Greenville, SC, USA

“Yesterday I had a major presentation and utilized the methods and it worked wonderfully”

I have had issues with public speaking. I am in sales and certainly that is my job, so the problem was getting bad before presentations and meetings I would find myself very nervous, very anxiety ridden.

Certainly being in sales you can’t have that when you are going on a sales call.

Using the Anchoring method has really, really made a big difference. Yesterday I had a major presentation and utilized the methods and it worked wonderfully, so I really appreciate the program and would recommend it to others.

C.S. - Sales - Atlanta, GA, US

“A Lot of Calmness Now - A Big Big improvement”

I tried many other things, and I discovered this program in desperation while surfing the 'Net.

I have seen a significant change in my situation. The biggest thing I notice is a large reduction in my regular levels of anxiety, and there's a lot of calmness now in my general demeanor. A Big Big improvement.

I still have more work to do, but I have the feeling I'm on the right track - and I also get the feeling that being on the right track is a big change. So life is good!

To anyone who gets this message I'd say Engage Fully in the program and hopefully you'll get results as good as I'm enjoying now.

Singh, H - Banker - Secaucus, NJ, USA

“A hugely improved audition experience ... I know that it went really well and I felt much more under control”

I had the problem of having some performance anxiety or stage fright when playing auditions for orchestra jobs. It was pretty disabling, you know, during auditions I would get kind of disoriented and things would seem to go really fast and go out of my control.

I found out about this program on line ... to get ready for my last audition - and although I didn’t win, it was definitely a hugely improved audition experience. I have clear memories of how it went and I know that it went really well and I felt much more under control.

I found ... the Anchoring to be super helpful for me. Something that I can use when I am onstage in between pieces, in-between excerpts kind of call up those positive experiences and positive feelings.

Brian Roessler - Musician - St. Paul, MN, USA

“It helped raise my self esteem and my confidence, and now I can do a lot of things I couldn’t have done before”

My problem was speaking in public and also like singing and acting in public.

I even remember like this one time I tried out for all state choir ... I barely got rejected because like I totally messed up the singing I know I could have done and I was very disappointed about that.

... It helped raise my self esteem and my confidence, and now I can do a lot of things I couldn’t have done before.

I just want to thank you guys for it ... you have helped me a lot.

S.T. - Student - Florham Park, NJ, USA

“Speech was a perfect 10”

I want to say a big THANK YOU!!

My keynote speech went EXACTLY like the successful event visualization! I did not remember to use the anchor at that time. I remember feeling exactly the emotions that I had used in my visualizations!

Himanshu Bhatia - Orange County, CA, USA

“Now I have no problem!”

The problem that I had was public speaking. It was pretty intense. You pinpointed it, it is something you are not born with, but there is some event that develops and it developed rather quickly and that is exactly what happened to me and it was a serious, serious problem.

I have a degree in plastic engineering; I am plastics molding supervisor right now and I have to get up in front of 60 people and talk about what we are doing for the week, what’s going on and my first few meetings were ... excruciating for me.

I bought the program, and ever since everything has been great. I have even had some upper management people that have been inside my meetings, and in the past I would have lost it - but I cruised right through it.

When someone tells me I need to have a meeting concerning a certain issue my heart would just start pounding - but now I have no problem.

So anyway, once again I do appreciate it Seymour and you have an excellent program and thanks again.

Michael Scully - Plastics Molding Supervisor - Sylva, North Carolina, USA

“I was finally able to give a speech, for which I received excellent feedback”

My problem with public speaking has been a gorilla on my back since I began high school; I am now 50 years old.

My daughter’s wedding was last Saturday and despite the fact that I had butterflies, I was finally able to give a speech, for which I received excellent feedback!

I gave your program 100% effort and it delivered. Thanks so much.

Bruce C. - Mechanic - St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

“After going through the program I feel much more confident about doing a public speaking engagement.”

I bought this program to address the fear of public speaking. It was pretty significant in my life and I have to do it for my job. I tightened up quite a bit and got really nervous.

I haven’t had the opportunity to have a public speaking engagement, but will probably three to four months out.

After going through the program I feel much more confident about doing a public speaking engagement. I do it for work, for proposals.

I also had a slight fear of flying, which I did have an opportunity to address. I used the Anchoring to help me through that. It made a significant change.

I think this program will help me because a much better public speaker and reduce my fear that I had with that and I appreciate it. Thanks for all the help.

William - Engineer - Oconomowoc, WI, USA

“I feel much better about myself and my outlook and my future due to the program”

The problem I was having was experiencing anxiety before meetings and presentations and sometimes during meetings and it has been a problem my whole life.

The experience that I had with the program was extremely helpful because I knew it was something more mental than my ability to actually present more or conduct meetings well because I was able to do that, it was just a consistency issue and also an anxiety issue and the program really helped me map out in my mind how to get over those anxieties and feel a lot more comfortable and confident going forward.

I can see how this program would help a lot of other people with different anxieties. I feel much better about myself and my outlook and my future due to the program.

Mark C. - Controller - Flower Mound, Texas, USA

“The Program was VERY easy...”

My problem used to be public speaking and it was so bad that I would not put myself into positions where I would need to speak in public ... This hampered my progression in my work place and also many private things for me.

My experience with the program is that it was very easy to do and I had learned about or heard about Anchors in the past, but I had never heard about how to activate them and how to keep them powered up.

So that was a great experience for me and the Time Line Therapy also worked for me extremely well. I have a public speaking experience coming up in about three weeks and I am excited for it so that I can see the success of the hard work.

I appreciate everything that you have done for me. Thank you.

T.L. - Manager, Demand Planning - Loudonville, OH, USA

“I feel really comfortable getting up in front of people now ...”

I had a very difficult time and I work in sales so I often have to talk in front of the public and I used to be petrified of it.

I ended up looking at the program on line and was a little skeptical at first ...

Ended up actually two days later sitting in front of a crowd of 120 people doing a presentation on a wine program that I was working on and I was petrified about doing and ended up doing really well, and have actually become an active part in doing public speaking classes for our company.

I feel really comfortable getting up in front of people now and starting to work with that. Again, this program is something that you really need to dedicate yourself to and if you are really interested in, or skeptical about getting into it, you know, I would say definitely commit yourself and really spend the time on stepping forward and making yourself committed to doing the program because I really think it will work effectively if you really put your time into it.

I just want to say thank you very much.

Jonathan White - Sales - St Petersburg, Florida, USA

“Someone I have known for six years said 'You sound the most confident that I have ever heard you!'”

I have just learned to Anchor and the timeline, but I haven’t had a lot of chances to use it yet, but I did call on the Anchoring today a couple of times for some confidence and I had a phone call, I was fund raising and a man that I have known for six years said 'You sound the most confident that I have ever heard you!'.

So it is going to work. Thank you.

Ame Grail - Politician - Sturgeon Bay, WI, USA

“It gave me the confidence I needed to go up there.”

Basically, anytime I would go up in front of a group of people, even if it was a classroom or my peers I would basically experience loss of words. I couldn’t really concentrate, couldn’t think, and I would shake a lot.

I would say the problem was very bad. So I went on the Internet to try to find some kind of a way to help it.

Through work I am basically doing lots of presentations and I went through more and more of them and concentrating on things I learned from the program I found that it was very easy. I have had good remarks from people I have trained and they tell me that one of my strengths is actually public speaking.

So that is kind of interesting how it all worked around. So once again, thanks for the program and keep doing a good job. Thanks.

Richard M. - Consultant - Arlington, Virginia, US

“I have no problem now of going on stage, giving a speech, talking in class ...”

Well, whenever I went upon stage I would start shaking, I would start sweating, I couldn’t think, everything went crazy. However, with this program I dramatically improved. I have no problem now of going on stage, giving a speech, talking in class, and I am absolutely fine.

I love the Anchoring technique because now I am in control. I am the one who can control it.

In addition, the Time Line Therapy is unbelievable. I used to have these fits and now they are completely gone. So once again thank you very much for this program.

J.B. - Student - Fort Lee, New Jersey, USA

“Now I'm actually LOOKING FORWARD to the next opportunity!”

My problem was with fear of public speaking, and it was pretty bad. I couldn’t get up in front of a group and speak - and in my line of work that was something that was required ... more and more often.

My experience with the program has been short - only gone through it about a week ago. I haven’t have a chance to get up and do much public speaking, but feel like I am much more confident with it.

I am actually looking forward to the next opportunity to do that and if all goes well, life will be much better. Thank you.

T.B. - Financial Advisor - Charlotte, NC, USA

“I sailed through the event with no problems ... enjoying my time on the stage!”

I work for a multinational chemical company as a brand manager. I have had a number of positions within this organization over the past 19 years, many of which required public speaking. I have always been reasonably comfortable in front small to medium size groups but once the number approached 100 I've had problems.

The problem peaked last year when prior to a large meeting I had a full scale panic attack which resulted in me going to the emergency room for what felt like a heart attack.

In preparation for a meeting in January I decided to try your program. I must tell you that while I fully engaged in your program (at least the 24 hours - 3 times per day recommended) I supplemented it with another program that focused on relaxation and self hypnosis. Between the two programs, the anchoring and relaxation exercises really helped. I sailed through the Jan event with no problems, in fact enjoying my time on the stage.

Thanks for helping me with what I consider to be one of biggest challenges of my life.

R.W. - Multinational Company Brand Manager - Somerfield, NC, USA

“I feel a lot more confident talking to groups of people”

I had a problem with public speaking, which left me feeling very nervous in advance of having to talk to groups of people.

I have used the program and I have found that, particularly Anchoring makes things a lot easier, and I feel a lot more confident talking to groups of people ... I think in the future at work and elsewhere I am going to find things a lot easier from now on.

Andrew Turpin - Media Relations Manager - St Albans, Hertfordshire, UK

“An extremely worthwhile venture ... I look forward to continuing to make progress”

My problem has been public speaking - not so much public speaking as the anticipation of public speaking, which and has been for years, very crippling.

I have read books, I have battled a bit of anxiety for 14, 15 years now and this one caught my eye because it was quick. I am busy, but I realize that, as part of my job, I really needed to get a handle on this and so I really dove in, as Seymour told us to do.

It has only been probably a month or five weeks or so and I do believe that there is still plenty of work to be done - but for the first time in a long time I do feel like there is some hope and the Anchoring, in particular was great and continues to be a great exercise for me and the timeline therapy is excellent when I am anticipating a meeting where I am going to be presenting at, which in my position requires me to do that quite often.

I do think it is an extremely worthwhile venture and I look forward to continuing to make progress with it so thank you.

Phil - Sales, Rochester, NY, USA

“I have the tools now”

I purchased the program a couple of weeks ago and threw my whole self into it. Tried very hard to get very excited about it and it worked very well for me.

I am a professional, and part of my job involves public speaking on occasion at meetings, which in the past has always made me very anxious.

Still get a little anxious, which is normal, but I have the tools now through the program to help me to calm down and to face the situation and to do well. I really appreciate that. Thank you, very much.

Lisa Featherstone - Dix Hills, NY, USA

“The program is very effective”

Hi this is John from Jackson Center in Ohio, USA. My problem was public speaking anxiety and I am very successful business owner. I sit on the board of directors of more than one company, as well as other public boards.

My fear of public speaking has held me back. Many times my name was recommended to be the chairman of the board, but knowing that there would be public speaking events that caused extreme anxiety.

I had gone to a couple of psychologists who gave suggestions and worked with me a little bit to no avail. I had even gone to the medical doctor to think about tranquilizers, but they thought it would take the edge off that had made me successful in the first place.

So I have been using the program and it has made a big difference to this point. I feel the program is very effective. Even though I have made probably a 60% to 70% improvement I will continue to work at this and I am confident that this program will resolve the entire issue and I plan on continuing on to eventually maybe become a public speaker.

John Weddle - Business Owner - Jackson Center, OH, USA

“I was less anxious about doing the speaking and that the more I practiced the techniques the better off I was”

The problem I had was being able to speak in front of large groups of people. As soon as I started ... I found that I was less anxious about doing the speaking and that the more I practiced the techniques the better off I was.

I think that practice makes perfect when it comes to this program and life will be different as long as I keep using the techniques.

Warren H. - Sales Rep - Austin, TX, USA

“It is a lot easier to talk in front of a group of people”

I think the Anchoring was the biggest thing that has helped me.

Now when I have to speak in front of people I have my Anchoring technique and it really helps me to just calm down and breathe and realize that I am in the moment and it is a lot easier to talk in front of a group of people.

M Schiller - Preschool Teacher - Santa Rosa, CA

“I never knew that I could do that. I really enjoyed it”

I had severe problem with the public speaking. Once I bought your program, I enjoyed working with the anchoring. I never knew that I could do that. I really enjoyed it.

It helped from a severe level to a level now, where I can use the anchoring to stop the fear of public speaking, which is helping me more than the problem I had before.

A. H. - Student - Denton, TX, USA

“I feel like I am in control - I think I can handle pretty much anything”

I did have a problem with public speaking. I am clergy. I always would be able to get up and speak. I have been doing this for over 20 years, but I could never really relax.

And now with the program I feel much more relaxed, much more confident. I was a pretty good speaker before, but now I feel as though I can really communicate the message the way it was intended to be communicated - because I can relax.

The program is great, very positive, very encouraging. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I really believe that my life is going to be much better now.

I have also struggled with general anxiety, but I feel like I am in control - I think I can handle pretty much anything. I really do recommend the program. Thanks a lot.

Rick English - Clergy - Buffalo, NY, USA

  1. “I was in control for the first time in my life...”

  2. “On the day I simply wasn’t nervous!”

  3. “A Big Big Improvement”


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