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Fear of Public Speaking is one of the nation’s most common and debilitating phobias.

Millions of highly capable, talented people find themselves ‘freezing’ in front of audiences for reasons they can’t fathom:

Executives turn down great promotions

Salespeople avoid presentations

Managers find ways to avoid meetings

Students get the shakes in class

Meetings: participants are terrified to talk

Churchgoers avoid telling their message to the congregation

… all because they involve public speaking.


Do you get the shakes when you’re asked to stand up in front of a crowd? Do you feel queasy, or light-headed when you make a speech? Does your mouth go dry, does your head spin, or does your face go red or sweaty? Are you lost for words when you most need to be calm and lucid? Do you find yourself worrying for hours or even days before a big presentation.

About the Fear

The Fear of Public Speaking is extremely common. Even more common than you might think: Many of those apparently calm speakers you see at the podium are knotted up inside.

And yet it’s a problem you can quickly and permanently conquer - just as long as you are really committed to doing so. Conquering the fear means saying goodbye once and for all to that nasty feeling and discovering the steps to switch on the calm, centered, confident you.

No. There’s Nothing Wrong with You

The first thing to understand is that there's nothing wrong with you. Nothing at all. Creating positive and negative emotional associations is a perfectly normal (and crucially important) function of your brain. We will simply show you how to take control of those associations - how to turn them to your benefit.

What Causes The Fear?

You were not born with a fear of public speaking. Somehow, you ‘learned’ the fear from one or more unpleasant experiences.

  1. If your experience is like many of the clients we’ve worked with over the years, you’ve probably found yourself shaking, red-faced, sweaty, dizzy or muddled.

That’s because there’s a part of your brain that thinks it recognizes ‘danger’ (based on previous nasty experiences), and which switches you into ‘fight or flight’ mode. That’s the pounding heart. Not very useful when you really want to be calm, relaxed, and clear-headed.

Perhaps it all started when you were very young – maybe you “made a fool of yourself” when all eyes were on you. Or perhaps the fear was triggered by an unpleasant experience when you were in school, or more recently in work or at a social event.

It’s different for everybody. Some find it grows over time, or seems to appear out of nowhere.

Fortunately, it really doesn’t matter where it came from. And it doesn’t matter whether or not you remember how it started. Unlike many traditional therapies which may occupy many weeks discussing ‘why’ the problem is there, we are much more interested in ‘how’ you do it, so we can quickly show you how to change.

Why 'Facing Your Fear' is a Really Bad Idea

Many clients come to us having taken programs that start with them speaking to a group. The idea is that by facing the fear it’s possible to ‘get used to’ public speaking – a process sometimes known as ‘exposure therapy’ or ‘desensitization’.

Many of these programs are well-meaning – and in some cases they can be successful, to a degree. But the process is often unnecessarily unpleasant. And we have little evidence that those nasty knots-in-the-stomach ever really go away with this approach.

The risk associated with exposure therapy is reinforcing the negative association. What we repeat, we reinforce. Expose yourself over and over again to something you dislike, and you might just end up disliking it more.

Something you’ll understand if you’ve ever had ‘that Monday morning feeling’: do Monday mornings get better just by repeating them? Not usually.

To change a negative association you need to do more than simply repeat activities you don’t enjoy.

Complete the form to your left or phone us toll-free on (888) 669-2426 and we may be able to set you up to work with one of our expert Practitioners as soon as tomorrow.

How You Will Quickly Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

You can overcome Fear of Public Speaking if you know the right way to go about it. The process you will follow is precise, step-by-step, and tailored exactly to you. You will be individually coached by phone, in the comfort of your own home, by a Practitioner who has successfully helped many hundreds of other people overcome public speaking fear once and for all.

You will have coaching sessions every three to four days, and your Practitioner will interact with you EVERY DAY until the problem is gone.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been suffering for years. It doesn’t matter if your fear is severe:

Experience shows that the unconscious mind - the part of you that is responsible for all your emotions - learns very quickly. Think about it. We can create a fear in a few seconds. Consider a happy, fear-free child, suddenly bitten by a dog, and developing a phobia. Ten seconds to 'learn' that dogs are frightening.

With the right approach, your brain is equally capable of creating positive associations in a matter of seconds, and, through reinforcement, of making those associations permanent.

Now imagine working through a series of mental exercises – tailored to you – in which you learn how to form positive associations. Each of these exercises reinforces the others. Here are some examples:

•In one process, you will discover how to release the emotional charge from previous unpleasant speaking experiences (whether or not you consciously ‘remember’ them)

•In another, you will learn how to manage emotional ‘state’. You’ll find out how to put yourself in an extremely positive, powerfully confident, strong, calm state, and then how to link that powerful, strong, calm feeling to the idea of speaking in public.

•In yet another, we’ll show you how to change the feeling you get when remembering negative events from the past. Your brain’s emotional centers have a habit of replaying nasty, embarrassing moments over and over – heightening the negative association.

•In these and other exercises you will know exactly what you are doing, and why you’re doing it. All you have to do is follow your Practitioner’s instructions, and report back regularly on your progress so we can ensure you’re completing every step correctly.

Not only is this process is reliable and fast, it’s also painless. There’s no need to ‘face the fear’. We do all the training in privacy, away from the podium. Then you use the techniques you’ve learned both when preparing to speak and at your future speaking engagements.

By the time you need to speak again, you’re already feeling calm, collected, and completely confident.

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